Taxation Strategies

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Managing tax risk and promoting viable risk taking has a wide web of integrated channels that infiltrate all stages of the business decision-making process. That’s why ensuring the right strategy is vital to ensuring commercial success.

Our client centric approach and forward thinking team work collaboratively to help investigate, identify and execute structures to minimise and in some cases extinguish tax risks and exposure. While preserving the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients and promoting value added calculated risks.

Business Tax Planning

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Tax planning for business should be a priority and an annual event prior to the close of the financial year end.

Tax is a cost to the business, like any other expense that affects the bottom line and should be managed proficiently. 

Our firm has a philosophy of encouraging a high level of tax planning for all our business clients. As part of the tax planning process we also review our clients’ business structures, determine suitability and make recommendations which manage their income tax and other taxation obligations more effectively. Our advise is based on a high level of technical experience, navigating through the complex world of taxation legislation and ensuring our clients comply with the taxation law. 

Cash Flow Forecasting

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Cash Flow Forecasting is similar to Budgeting in the sense that it’s an important financial management tool/practice to plan for the future; to avoid calamity or take advantage of market opportunities. It is important to be attentive and nurturing when managing the lifeblood of money going in and out of your organisation. We help identify possible shortfalls and gains in advance to ensure there is enough liquidity for your business to be a going concern as well as capitalise on any prospects your business may have.

Accounting & Tax Compliance

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Our team of professionals are highly skilled in processing and understanding compliance laws, analysis & reporting, resulting in the best tax position for our clients.

Technical Support

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General advice as well as phone, web & email support.

BAS & PAYG Lodgement

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Our firm assists and advises clients on all levels with their BAS and PAYG responsibilities.

(See FAQ page for lodgement dates)

Individual Tax Returns

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Part of the Vlassis & Co’s integrated client path includes preparation of individual tax returns & of course professional advice on how to enhance your tax position.

ASIC Admin

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Maintenance of corporate documentation, all compliance matters and business registrations as well as phone & email support

Business Tax Returns

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Our years of experience and technical minded team not only process and provide you with your business tax return, they are able to identify based on the dynamics of your business if you are entitled to concessions as well provide effective tax strategies to improve your business year end and future positions.

Fringe Benefits Tax Returns

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We assist in deciphering if FBT is applicable to your business and provide sound solutions to mitigating your FBT liability.