Our highly technical and real-world accounting team work with clients to maintain and balance the ever-demanding pressures of managing a modern business.

From staying up to date with commercial and legislative compliance to working in sync with management to capture a specialist understanding of the day to day operations & industry you’re in; it’s as if we are as much a part of your business as you are.

We allow you to see the forest from the trees while we measure, assess and advise on performance, operational capability, opportunities and outcomes.

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Business Sale or Acquisiton

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Many factors are to be considered when buying or selling a business. We ensure that the land mines are avoided and the opportunities are capitalised on.  We provide advice and answers to the following and more:

  • Is your business eligible for tax exemptions?
  • A simple 360 degree view of the deal at hand and ensure you understand the benefits, pitfalls and tax implications of alternative options.
  • Insight of underlying trends and issues to the businesses financial situation and activities, that are unseen to the untrained eye.


Business & Succession Planning

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A smooth transition of handover of the business and its operations is important to ensure its continued survival and potential to thrive. Vlassis & Co handle the technical structural requirements to ensure all parties are satisfied. We Assist and provide solutions for the following and more:

  • Shareholder and buy back agreements
  • Re-structuring
  • Tax optimisation and implications of alternative solutions.

Read more about succession in our Estate and Succession Planning section.

Annual Budgets

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A budget acts as a designed path to achieving your business’s strategies & goals in dollar terms.

Experienced real world accountants realise that a budget is a guide, not so concrete as to prevent real time decisions and actions. This is how we at Vlassis & Co manage our clients. We assist in setting guidelines and frameworks from which your business can best function in; to keep budgets under control, profits high and taxes low.

Cash Flow Forecasting

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Cash Flow Forecasting is similar to Budgeting in the sense that it’s an important financial management tool/practice to plan for the future; to avoid calamity or take advantage of market opportunities. It is important to be attentive and nurturing when managing the lifeblood of money going in and out of your organisation. We help identify possible shortfalls and gains in advance to ensure there is enough liquidity for your business to be a going concern as well as capitalise on any prospects your business may have.

Strategic Business Advice & Planning

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At Vlassis & Co we encompass the business model canvas when advising our clients. In today’s fast pace business environment there isn’t always time to assess your planning & objectives so we take a pro-active approach in employing this essential task for our clients.

Looking at your business as an integrated machine, more than just budgets and cash flows, allows for an elevated perspective of not just how your business is performing but where it is going and how we achieve future growth. Having this point of view and us to mentor through the detail gives you competitive advantage by permitting strategic decisions to be made in a timely & effective fashion.

Whether it is a business re-structure, succession plan or planning of a sale, our team of specialists assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats & resources required in achieving those goals.

How we add value:

  • Business Re-structuring
  • Funding Options
  • Developing & Implementing strategic business plans
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Valuations
  • Succession Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Exit Strategies
  • Corporate Governance Advice
  • Business Performance & Improvement Strategies

Restructures & Asset Protection

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VCO have real world experience to ensure you maintain elasticity in an ever-changing obsolete world. Whether it be how your business is structured or not knowing how to protect yourself; we can help.

In every accounting service we provide we seek to gain the most tax effective result for our clients. It involves identifying and foreseeing events to ensure protection of assets, tax effectiveness and compliance with law and regulations. It also involves know how and experience to identify and advise on appropriate restructure without triggering ATO red flags & taxes.

Whether you’re a growing or established business our team can evaluate, identify and strategize the most effective business structure for you while providing expert advice on how to best protect your assets within your elected structure; keeping you nimble and compact to the outside business world.

How we add value:

  • Asset protection strategies
  • Implement tax effective structures
  • Exit Strategy
  • Assessing & minimising stamp duty effects
  • Reviewing existing structures for inefficiencies and flexibility
  • Provide technical advice on complex income tax, GST and CGT concessions in the occurrence of restructure

Funding Optimisation

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We have an extensive network and have developed a very solid reputation with the major financial and business institutions. As a result we are able to connect you with the financial business intermediaries providing the most competitive terms and rates suitable to your particular needs. In addition, we analyse the service being offered with the structure of your business to ensure adequate asset protection.


Cloud Accounting

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The future of compliance and record keeping is cloud technology. At Vlassis & Co we readily adopted and adapted to this new reality by becoming certified agents of cloud software. We have found and fully support the notion that it’s a more efficient and user-friendly way to track financial performance and data of your business in real time.

No longer does the client or tax agent need to waste time in back and forth correspondence through email or USB to attain real time & end of year accounting data. We can take full benefit in accessing our clients’ financial information to make adjustments and recommendation on the spot; while implementing real time SWOT analysis to manage and mitigate any imminent opportunities or threats the business may have.

The benefits of Cloud Accounting:

  • Unrestricted Access, any time, anywhere

Cloud accounting technology allows users and clients to access their financial information from multiple sources. Whether it’s on your desktop, laptop or smartphone at work, home or away cloud technology provides the convenience you need to be more efficient in the new real world.

  • Centralised Data

Cloud Technology allows for easy & efficient file keeping. All you need is one data file that allows you to roll over with no discrepancy between accountant and client files.

  • Sharing is secure and safe.

No need for USB file saving or email exchange. A centralised platform allows clients, accountants and other parties to share in a secure, safe and convenient manner.

  • Manage your backups

With traditional accounting software back up is required to ensure accurate reporting moving forward. The problem is, the possibility and probability for human error. Individuals often forget to or are unsure as to whether they have backed up their data resulting in loss of key financial information. With cloud technology you never have to back up a file  – again showcasing the efficiency and convenience involved with this medium.

  • Work online and offline

Most cloud accounting software offer online and offline usage. When using the Internet does not permit there is still the option of conducting accounting & book keeping activities offline. The data processed in that time will sync automatically once Internet connection is made again, where you possess all the benefits of centralised data sharing and real time accounting.


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