Market Research

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Whether it be investigating the potential of an emerging market or exploration of an existing industry we facilitate and spear head market research and report on the viability and potential of your venture. From statistics and analytics to competitive analysis we can provide a plethora of information to help our clients make informed actionable decisions.

Click here to see how we used market research in our “Tourism” case study for one of our clients

Business Model Design

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Whether it be a new business venture or unbundling an existing business model, we facilitate the creation and adoption of Business Model Design. We encourage our client’s to form end to end, integrated thinking in order to understand where the growth and opportunity in their business is and which model makes you money.

We help identify the essential building blocks that must be considered while plotting a new venture or plan. We recognize and classify what level you are competing on in regards to business strategy. This process will lead you into boosting co-creation, while devising better and more strategic conversations around a shared language in your organization, with an outcome that is actionable.

Once the essential building blocks are established we can proceed in preparing a commercially viable business plan and supply chain analysis. The standards and guidelines produced at this stage allow our clients to use this vital document as a tool and mechanism to facilitate investment, liaise with financial institutions and proceed with sound a roadmap in fermenting their venture.

Marketing Strategy

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We analyse and audit our clients existing overall marketing strategy and make it better.

The most important step in procuring a marketing strategy is knowing what our client wants and what their business priorities are so we can tailor the appropriate path and service.

From competitive positioning, brand architecture and messaging to Omni-channel strategy we trickle down the essential tools to our clients so together we can discover the relevant business insights for their industry and organization in order to deliver positive growth.

Two integrated dynamic forces we believe to bring upon positive growth:

  1. Aptitudes (capabilities)

Understand the capabilities required to turn insights into action. Knowing the dynamics of today’s customer decision journey in order to create sufficient business, marketing and pricing strategies as well setting up the infrastructure to streamline analytics and insights to make better business decisions.

  1. Dexterity (skills)

Aligning the companies’ people, systems and aptitude into a cohesive unit to deliver on strategy and adapt to the surrounding business environment.


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Branding is what you implicitly and explicitly promise to your customers. It is your job that at every touch-point you are delivering enough and more on your brands promise. Understanding the contemporary multi-channel environment allows us to collaborate with our clients to create the appropriate strategies to design a coherent brand experience in an impactful way. We also align the businesses strategic direction so each member of your organisation understands messaging and identity as well logic for decisions made, from top to bottom. This synergistic approach helps companies delineate what makes them relevant and distinguishable to customers.


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We help clients identify and harness strategy through digital resources by integrating all aspects of marketing. It’s not just about adding online channels to the media mix; it’s ensuring a holistic approach is implemented when pursuing your overall marketing strategy.

How we help:

  1. Connect digital marketing with business effectiveness
    • Facilitate multichannel possibilities into a centralised system (SEO, Online & Offline Advertising, Social, Email)
    • Create strategies to structure planning and execution
    • Help develop knowledge of the digital and technology landscape and identify potential partners.
  2. Heighten the customer experience across networks
    • Provide fresh and practical perspectives on the customer decision funnel.
    • Insight on different methods of campaign planning and the diverse vehicles available to execute value driven content with reach.
  3. Develop or improve growth models
    • Insights from digital allows to create new perspectives on business modelling which in turn creates new possibilities to pursue. From discovering new channels, key resources or value propositions we can help identify and advise on new forms of media which better engage and create customers or clients.

Examples of our work:

  • Implemented various digital channels, while automating execution and planning. By doing so we achieved lower marketing costs while enhancing digital reach and visibility to new segments.
  • Re-structured a client’s content-creation development and implementation process.
  • Helped a client in the retail industry increase sales and exposure by implementing a digital marketing capability.

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