The ATO is warning Australian Taxpayers to be on increased alert for tax scams. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their scams.

Don’t become a victim and watch out for the following:

myGov Scams

Scams targeting myGov accounts, with scammers disguising and creating fake ATO emails containing links that encourage people to click on a link that directs them to fake myGov sign-in pages designed to steal their username and password.

 ATO Social Media Account Scams

The ATO does have an official presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all of which hold the blue tick of authentication. Look out for the blue tick authentication and be very wary of clicking on links.

 What is a Fake

The ATO prioritises secure communication. It will never send email or social media links directing you to log in to myGov or other online services. This will more than likely be a scam.

 Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Scams

This scam preys on MFA. Scammers send emails claiming the ATO requires an “MFA update” for your account. Do not respond and report them to the authorities.

You can read more about how to report a scam or cybercrime by clicking on this ATO link:

Written by Trevor Vlassis B.Ec. (Adel.), F.C.A., C.T.A., STEP Vlassis & Co Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

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